The First Key

I suggest that there are 2 fundamental rules one should live by.

1. Seek to understand the nature of the reality we find ourselves in.

2. Act with compassion.

As free beings in an effectively Infinite Universe, all actions are permissible. There are, of course, consequences. As we delve into the layers of knowledge and meaning, we find more and more that much of what we think and do are programmed into us by our society. Much of this is used to control and manipulate us for the benefit of others. We, as social animals, go along willingly with the bulk of this. To be accepted as part of the troupe has a certain comfort, whilst bucking the cultural restrictions can lead to ostracization, and in the extreme, a violent and unpleasant death.

Thus we are somewhat discouraged to seek the "truth". It at times is analogous, and the image is often used, to the summiting of alpine peaks. The view is stunning and beautiful, but there is danger from the cold and the rarefied atmosphere. However, as with the mountaineer, we are able to ascend safely to the heights if we choose appropriate techniques.

Choosing Happiness.

I suggest that the pursuit of happiness is just this technique. This may at first sounds glib and trite.

But with all things there are layers of meaning. As we contemplate Happiness and the conditions that bring it about for us as Individuals, we come to realise that the secret of happiness is to Choose to be happy. As "free beings in an effectively Infinite Universe" happiness is not a right. We live in a storm of consequences and seemingly random events that impact us in ways that cause us to experience realities ranging from the bliss of love to the horrors of war and disease and the darkness of despair. This does not have to be the case.

We have within us the ability, when developed, to apprehend Happiness despite the circumstances of life.

First; one needs to See that Happiness can be chosen and is independent of circumstance. Here we come to the reasons why the pursuit of Happiness is so effective in the understanding of Reality. To achieve this independence from circumstance, one needs to cultivate the abstract mind that is able to stand back from action and analyse the given situation. Often called the Higher Mind. To apprehend and develop this facility we come back to rules 1 and 2 from above. These 2 rules, when applied to a given line of development, have a tendency to create a feedback loop. Pushing the Mind into progressive Realisation.

We seek understanding, and apply it with compassion. Thus we are raised to the Summit and can see Forever

Second; one needs to do that which is required to achieve and maintain Happiness. Here we not only need the clarity of thought of the Summit, but also the abandonment of fear and the attachment to those things that stand in the way of our Happiness. We need to be able to let go of the Toxic. The abusive relationship, the addiction to food or drugs, the Need for wealth and status, whatever it is that holds one back. Again we use rules 1 and 2.

We seek understanding, and apply it with compassion. Thus we are freed of Gravity and cannot Fall.

Third; one needs to remember to practice the choice of Happiness. To maintain Happiness at all times, one must choose Happiness at all times. This brings about the apprehension of time and the role of time in our lives and the nature of Reality. Life is not a series of snapshots but a Sea. Our consciousness is a wavefront propelled by the past into an unformed future. One needs to achieve Perspective. To hold the pastand possible future in mind whilst being in the present.

So it's all process, there is no destination, there is only the Journey. This contemplation of time and its role is the real challenge. The first two steps are relatively mechanistic in operation. Cause and effect. Not easy, but if followed, will lead to Happiness. These are operations of the Individual in the mundane circumstances of our lives. But to expand into the contemplation of time in this way pushes our consciousness away from our Individual circumstances and begins to show us our true position in the Universe. Even at our present primitive abilities, we can see that the Universe is incomprehensibly large. This is just spatially. What about the time line, what about the more subtle energy manifestations of this Universe, some of which we are starting to study, others yet to be discovered. What about the Small. The Cell, The Atom etc etc etc.

As Free Beings in an effectively Infinite Universe, one can see that we are effectively nothing. Our lives, even the most dynamic and influential, for "good or ill", disappear into time on this planet, and are totally unknown elsewhere. This can be scary, it can also be freeing. This brings us back to the assertion that all things are permissible, because in the totality of the Universe, all our actions are meaningless. Yet, to the Individual Mind, I am all there is. I am that which experiences the Universe. What was there before I became aware of it? What will there be when I am no longer? Thus I am the Universe experiencing itself. All things are permissible.There are consequences to all action, and all inaction, for of course there is no such thing as inaction.

However we want to cut this. It still comes out that all things are permissible and that there are consequences. We could go off and do all sorts of stuff that advantages us as Individuals, but unless we act with Compassion, we cause unnecessary suffering of others and ultimately ourselves. Thus we cannot achieve Happiness and we fall into delusion. We become a casualty of the climb to the Summit.

We need to not forget, in pursuing Happiness, that we also exercise Compassion on ourselves.

OK, that's what this Blog is all about. I suggest this stuff for contemplation, and as the"spirit moves" I'll add more in the way of clarification.

Choose Happiness Now!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Human Rights

I've been thinking allot about human rights. I have strong reservations about having a bill of rights. It seems to me that rather than protecting the rights of the individual, they actually go a long way to taking them away.

Is it the right of government to dictate limits to a citizen? Are we not actually free in our natural state?Unless imprisoned, can we not do what ever we like, anyway?Are we really protected by "rights" that are being constantly bent and broken by both governments, lawyers, and circumstance?

Unless we are chattels of the state, as in a feudal system, then the state (or government) is a construct to serve the needs of a collection of individuals. It is the role of government to administer those things that it is impossible or difficult for the individual to carry out. Things such as roads, health, electricity etc. It is not the role of government to dictate behaviour.

This last point comes from the basis that we are all equal in our personal sovereignty. It is not my place to tell others what to do, and conversely it is not the not place of others to dictate behavior to me. Does this mean I advocate a free for all? Yes and no. We have to remember that whatever the action, or even inaction, there are consequences.

So if we expect this freedom and sovereignty for ourselves, we can do no less than grant it to others. Our actions must not knowingly harm others, as this would be a restriction of their freedom.

That's the gist of this thought. The ideal that we are all free and responsible for our own actions, and have to face life on it's own terms. Unfortunately, it would seem that we have a way to go to achieve this sort of society. We are beset with people who would inflict violence and other forms of compulsion upon others to achieve their goals, whether it be for financial gain, political power, sexual dominance, or just fear of the other. Our governments love to promote these destructive values as fear helps keep the population compliant. They do so whilst claiming "for the good of the people".

The sad thing about all this is that all these anti freedom impulses are caused by fear. I'll do a post about that eventually.

So how do we live together? What do we mostly do now? We cooperate. We care for one another. And in our individual views of the world we allow others to have their view with equal respect. And it makes sense that we look after the needs of those who for whatever reason can't do for themselves, for there will most probably come a time in our lives that misfortune or illness could reduce our ability to look after ourselves.

And Government? Scrap it. It's a hang over from monarchy when the powerful believed that god had given them the people as their private property.What we need is Administration. The provision of services that the populace require can be provided by public enterprise or private enterprise. If properly managed either would be OK. If PROPERLY MANAGED public enterprise can be very cost effective, no need for a profit margin to add to cost. That's all material for another post as well.

How would this improvement look? Who knows? Some features would be the welfare of everyone rather than wealth for the few. It would be sure to have better education and health services for all. There would be greater equity, though there would be no impediment to amassing wealth. And there would be no reason for the wealthy to hoard and savagely protect their privilege.
With the knowledge that they will be treated equally, perhaps people would be less inclined to prey on others and the crime rates would start to drop. It may sound a little Utopian, but we must keep focused on our innate personal sovereignty, and if we do so, maybe we can get to Utopia one day.

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